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Our Values

 We are passionate about our kokkotu values and we are committed to providing great quality garments while putting every effort into taking care of our communities and planet along the way.

Read more about our kokkotu values below:

Ethically made
Our manufacturer has an active focus on social responsibility and fair working conditions. They develop, apply and maintain social, ethical and acceptable workplace practices within their workplace and sphere of influence. This includes but not limited to, safe and hygienic conditions, no child or forced labour, free medical checks, development of working women and no excessive working hours. kokkotu is also involved in the ‘I made your clothes’ initiative.

Our manufacturer is committed to ethical and sustainable processes throughout their business. This includes but not limited to, water conservation, solar plant/energy efficiency, sourcing organic textiles, recycling/upcycling (garments and paper) and being involved in initiatives such as Chetna organics, OEKO-TEX and FairTrade Cotton.

All of our garments are made from organic cotton which is healthier for our kids, our farmers and our environment.

Slow production
Sustainable and ethical manufacturing, small stock runs and garment quality are all very important to us at kokkotu. Our hope is that each kokkotu shirt lives a long life, being passed from one little explorer to another.

Sustainable packaging
We personally wrap each order in tissue paper that can be re-used or recycled.  We use 100% recycled courier bags that can be recycled through your local soft plastic recycling station (

Cruelty Free
No animals are harmed throughout our production or business whatsoever.

Integrity & Quality
We will remain honest, transparent and committed to our values throughout our business and we will only offer great quality products.

Community & Kindness
We want to make a positive impact on children, families and communities. We strive to extend kindness to all people and environments that we meet along our business journey -  kindness makes the world a happier place!